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Volunteers are the Heart of HopeCircle

“ HopeCircle is like an oasis. I love coming in here.”
“Why does my mother always want to come in HopeCircle first? She says you all are family.”
“This is not what you expect to find in a medical center. It feels like home.”
We love hearing comments like these.
What makes HopeCircle a special, healing space that welcomes patients and their families and instills in them the feelings of hope, comfort and acceptance?
Our Resource Center space is wonderful, but “it is all about the volunteers.” They are the heart of HopeCircle. Having either experienced serious illness and/or been a caregiver they understand that this new journey calls for gifts of caring, empathy and love.
The talents of our volunteers are varied. Some create items such as pillows, afghan and caps, host special events, collect items and rarely come to HopeCircle. Others come to HopeCircle regularly.
Someone may greet an overwhelmed, newly diagnosed patient and help her find a wig. Another may be laughing with a new friend as she tries on hats and decides she is definitely not the turban type. They serve snacks, drinks and lunches and distribute blankets and pillows to patients
The one constant for all our volunteers is their love and concern for our families. They strive to give what they can to smooth the way on an unwanted and often scary journey.
While we are always grateful for our HopeCircle volunteers, National Volunteer Week, April 7-13, affords us an extra opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our volunteers. You are the heart of HopeCircle and you make miracles happen on a regular basis. Thank You!!

“ When we are depleted, hope finds us by the care others give.”
Rv. Judith E. Meyer