Medicine Assistance Program

The NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation’s Medicine Assistance Program helps patients access the life-saving medications they need, free of charge.

Started in March 2002, Medicine Assistance Program (MAP) helps patients obtain their life-saving prescription medications by acting as a liaison between patients and the pharmaceutical companies. Since its inception, MAP has assisted in distributing over 42 million dollars of prescription medications to patients throughout our region.

All patients may be eligible for this free program regardless of where they receive their healthcare. There are no limits or restrictions to those who apply; it is up to each pharmaceutical company to determine if applicants meet their criteria. Each pharmaceutical company sets their own guidelines not the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation’s MAP.


To enroll in the Medicine Assistance Program, complete and return the attached application to the address below. If all information requested is included, your application will be processed in a timely fashion. If information is missing, your application will be delayed.

Enrollment Application 2018

Enrollment Application Cover Letter 2018

Our Impact

I would love to tell every one of the help that the NEA Baptist foundation has done for not only me, but my husband Bob, my daughter Sherry, and our daughter Pam. If not for this we would not have been able to get our medicine for the past 4 years. Terry has been wonderful to help us in any way she can. The medicine she couldn’t get she found another source for us to get it. Thank you NEA Baptist and Terry for all of your help. Betty Kinnett

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Jonesboro, AR 72403

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