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Thank You To All Our Volunteers!

April 19-25 is National Volunteer Week.  Normally during this week NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation and thousands of other organization throughout our country would be highlighting and celebrating the volunteers who contribute untold hours to help our patients, our families and our communities.

If only – If only this were a “normal” year. At HopeCircle, we would be planning to all come together, share stories of our favorite people, have food, fellowship and enjoy the amazing bond that only comes from working together to help others.  But, this isn’t a “normal” year.

This year is different in many ways.  Some of us are working from home, or not working at all.  Many of us, because of age, health issues and concern for those who MUST be out, are not able to continue our regular volunteer schedules.  The interaction, the hugs, the personal contacts are missing – and we are missing them.

Some of us are finding new outlets, making masks, delivering food, preparing snack packs for medical workers, having drive-by parades or prayer vigils.  We are discovering new ways to practice “social distancing” and yet maintain contact; from Zoom to FaceTime, telephone calls, texts and handwritten notes. We are all recognizing how important human contact is to our well-being and are searching for ways to connect while being apart.

While we cannot have a party this year to celebrate our volunteers and your incredible love and commitment, we want you to know that we appreciate you and celebrate you during National Volunteer Week and every week of the year.

Thank you for your listening ear, your welcoming arms, your loving heart and your prayers.

“When we are depleted, hope finds us by the care others give.”  Rv. Judith E. Meyer