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Is HopeCircle a Gift Shop???

People sometimes wander into HopeCircle while they are waiting for a loved one.  Often they will ask quizzically, “Is this a gift shop?” We usually respond with a quick “no” and then tell them about HopeCircle and how we are here to support patients and families as they journey through a life changing diagnosis.

If it is the first time they have come into  the Resource Center, they are always surprised.  The space is so warm, comfortable and inviting that it is not something they expect to find in a medical facility.

We might need to rethink our answer to the gift shop question.  In many ways we ARE a gift shop.  We offer the gifts of hope, comfort  and reassurance.  We provide the gift of a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with.  Love and kindness  are always available.  And, those are just a few of the gifts we offer – all for free.

And, on the other end of the spectrum…  We receive many gifts, literally and figuratively.  Every day we are given the gift of friendship  from our families.  Gratitude and thankfulness are heaped upon us.  Families come back after treatment is completed because they have given us a part of their lives.

So, yes, HopeCircle is a gift shop, the best kind of gift shop.  It is a place where hope, love and comfort  are gifts that are always available and always free to all who need them.

Our prayer is that we always be cognizant of what gifts are needed and to be willing to give those gifts.