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Finding Support During a Pandemic

Our world has been turned upside down by Covid-19. The way we live our daily lives; the way we work, worship, go to school, shop – nothing is the same. At HopeCircle we have struggled to find ways to “be there” for our patients and families and practice appropriate health measures. For those of us who are huggers and touchers it has been hard. Knowing how much some need to see a smile, feel a touch or hug, it feels awkward and unfeeling to not be able to do those things. While there are things we can’t do, there are also many things we can do.

HopeCircle is open Monday-Friday from 8-5. We still greet our patients and families with a smile and a welcoming greeting – just with a mask on and from an appropriate distance. We continue to provide free wigs, caps, hats, pillows, etc. All new patients receive an afghan handmade by one of our creative volunteers. While volunteers aren’t working in the cancer center right now, many continue to make items for us at home. The laughter coming from HopeCircle isn’t as loud because we are limited in the number of people who can be in the resource center, but there is still laughter and love and reassurance and comfort.

For our friends who aren’t comfortable or able to come to HopeCircle, we are always available by phone, text or email (870-936-7005, 870-926-9985, june.morse@bmhcc.org. We encourage those who need additional resources or to be part of a group to become familiar with the resources available by phone, on line through tele-meetings, zoom, facetime, etc. I’m including several resources below. If you have questions about any of them, please call. We’ll try to work it out together.

Breast Cancer Virtual Survivorship Series for Young Women , 901-861-8563; October 8-Self Care After Breast Cancer; October 15-Coping with Early Menopause; October 22-Stay Alert: Managing the Long Term Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment.

Cancer Support for Advanced or Metastatic Cancer – Zoom, Thursdays 2-3, 901-830-0899, ellen.eisen@bmhcc.org

Breast Education & Support – Zoom, 3rd Wednesday 12-1, 901-830-0899, ellen.eisen@bmhcc.org

24/7 Cancer Hotline, American Cancer Society – 800-227-2345

Cancer Support – CancerSupportCommunity.org/MyLifeLine