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Changing Lives Can Lead To HopeCircle

Winter in Arkansas can change in a heartbeat, from sunny and warm to stormy and cold. Our lives can change just as quickly.

At HopeCircle we see people every day whose lives have changed as dramatically and quickly as our Arkansas weather because they have received a serious, life changing diagnosis.

The warm, healing atmosphere of the HopeCircle Resource Center is indicative of the warm, loving and accepting reception patients and families receive. While we don’t know all the answers, our staff and volunteers are loving, attentive, caring and willing to walk with families through a journey they never wanted to take. We provide needed items, such as wigs, hats, caps, pillows and afghans at no cost. We listen, we laugh, we cry, we help make a plan.

If you are the newly diagnosed patient your new normal will be different for a while. What do you do first? Where do you turn? How should you act or feel?

First – there are no “shoulds”. Everyone is different and there is no one way to respond. All emotions are OK. Denial, anger, fear, stress and anxiety are normal; as are hope, gratitude and optimism. You may feel all of these within a few hours.

Here are some basics:
Find the best medical team for you. A second opinion is often a good idea.

Ask questions. What type, what stage, what are the treatment options? Take a written list of questions with you and take someone to help you understand all that is said. Write or have someone write down the answers to your questions. DON’T DEPEND ON YOUR MEMORY.

Take good care of yourself. Do the things that relieve stress for you. Take a nap, read, journal, watch funny movies, spend time alone. Do what works for you. Keep a gratitude journal of something you are grateful for each day.

When people offer to help, tell them what you need. Many will want to help, but don’t know what works for you. If meals are offered, but you are picky eaters, suggest a gift card instead. Don’t be afraid to speak up…..

Share any concerns you have with your medical team.

Celebrate triumphs and milestones. Reward yourself and be joyful.

Remember, we are available at HopeCircle to help you walk this journey.

For more information about HopeCircle click here.  To contact HopeCircle click here.

“Each day is a gift and holds something for which to be grateful.”