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Center for Healthy Children Making a Difference

Center for Healthy Children Program Manager, Will Oliver, shares this impactful testimony from a family participating in the program.

“The Farr family – DJ (right), Danessa (far left), & Damariah (left) have been participating in the Center for Healthy Children for close to 2 years now. The Farr kids are model students in the program and continue to set an example for new students every day. What’s more, they take home what they learn to help facilitate change in their household. Their mother, Dominique, shares:”

“Hi, my name is Dominique Farr. The Center for Healthy Children has been in our lives for close to 2 years now. My three oldest children DJ (13), Damariah (11), and Danessa (9) started gaining weight during the pandemic, which made me concerned for their overall health. One night I came across the CHC Facebook page and read what they had to offer. The reaction it gave me was that of excitement and that it could be fun. The kids would learn about nutrition, exercise, and making healthy choices.

Once enrolled in the program, the kids would come home and tell us all about what they did with such excitement in their eyes, which prompted me to want to do better as a parent, health wise. The CHC benefited our family so much and in many ways. First, it made working out fun because we did it as a family. The kids would come home and show us their exercises and had us do them too. It really sparked an interest for my husband and me and led us to work on our overall health as well. Second, the nutrition class Mr. Oliver offers for the parent and child is very informative for our family. It gives us knowledge to make better choices in the food we put into our bodies, how exercising multiple times a week can make a difference in how we feel, and how making these changes provides a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Third, it gives our family something to work on together and keep each other accountable. This program has made our lives healthier, happier and more fun!”

Every day, the Center for Healthy Children strives to make an impact like the one seen in the Farr family. As a program of the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation, our program operates at no cost to families. We continue to make an impact on our community, maximize our reach, and help those in need due to the generousity of donors to the Foundation. 

For more information on the Center for Healthy Children, or the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation, please visit us at neabaptistfoundation.org.