ShareHope Walk of Remembrance

September 25 @ 9:00 am

NEA Baptist Medical Campus, 4802 E. Johnson Jonesboro, AR 72405
ShareHope Walk of Remembrance Schedule:
8:00 am: Registration begins
9:00 am: Memorial Service begins

Registering for the ShareHope Walk of Remembrance is the only way for a baby’s name to be printed in the program.

The final day to order a t-shirt is Sept. 1st. ShareHope Walk of Remembrance T-shirts pick up at NEA Baptist Clinic Wellness Center at 2617 Phillips Dr.
T-shirt pick up will be  September 13th from 5pm-7pm

Yard Signs can be purchased online or morning of the walk. Personal information will be written on the signs (baby’s name  and birth date). These will be placed along the walk route and may be taken by the family after the walk.

Registration: FREE
Event T-Shirts: $15 each (Adult and Youth Sizes Available)
Yard Signs: $20 each

Things to Know About the Event!

T-shirt pick up will be located outside (weather permitting) of the NEA Baptist Clinic Wellness Center at 2617 Phillips Dr. T-shirts not guaranteed after the registration deadline.
T-shirt pick up will be September 13th from 5pm-7pm

If you choose to do so, Unique Ink will be available to add personalization to the back of your walk shirt. Shirts will need to be dropped off to their location at 1320 Red Wolf Blvd. no later than Thursday, September 16th. First come. First serve.

Families have the opportunity to purchase memorial yard signs that will be displayed during the event along the route of the Memorial Mile Walk. The yard signs are $20 each and can be purchased online during registration, or in person during t-shirt pick-up. Participants will be able to personalize the signs with their baby’s name, as well as any other information they would like to include. Families are encouraged to bring items to place at the base of the sign and take photos before/after the ceremony. We hope this memorial will commemorate and honor your baby in an impactful way for your family. Remember to collect the yard sign and items at the end of the event.

If you DO NOT register by September 17th:

  • Your baby’s name(s) will not be printed in the event program
  • You must give your “Walking in Memory of“ baby name(s) at the Registration tent the day of the Walk to be read at the ceremony
  • You will not be able to order additional merchandise until the day of the Walk (first come, first serve basis)

Contact Rebecca Propst at 870-936-8400, or e-mail